Lower Shock Absorber Bearing Kits for: Kawasaki, Suzuki, for exact fitment check description. [LSA-K-002]


Our premium kits contain all elements required for a full OEM quality service of your lower shock. Our dedicated off-road design of needle bearings, collars, pins and dustseals are specifically manufactured in order to reach the stringent OEM quality requirements, in terms of materials, dimension tolerances, hardness and surface roughness.


Our off-road premium lower shockkitisdesigned from ground up to be the most comprehensive OEM replacement kit available on the market. Itcontains all OEM quality elements required for a complete overhaul of your lower shockbearings.

Technical details


PINPins are precision turned, induction hardened and polished in accordance with tolerances set by vehicles' manufacturer. The material employed is SAE52100 high grade bearing steel, it is hardened to above HRC60 and then the raceway is precision grounded.


CollarCollars are precision turned, polished, hardened to HRC48 and then Zinc plated. The material used is automotive's standard SPCC steel.


SealDust seals are made of Nitrile Butadiene Rubber and strictly molded to exact OEM specifications. They prevent abrasives, corrosive moisture and other harmful contaminants from entering bearings.


1Heavy duty needle bearings are full complement drawn cup, hardened SPCC steel with internal clearances particularly suitable to off road racing use (high shocks and loads).


Kit / Fitment

Lower Shock Absorber Bearing Kits



Model KFX450R (2008-2014)
KLX 140 (2008-2020)
KLX 140G (2017-2020)
KLX 140L (2008-2022)
KLX 230 (2020-2020)
KLX 230R (2020-2020)
KLX 450R (2008-2009)
KLX 450R (AU) (2019-2019)
KLX140G (2017-2022)
KLX230 (2020-2022)
KLX230 ABS (2021-2021)
KLX230R (2020-2022)
KLX230S (2022-2022)
KLX230S ABS (2022-2022)
KLX450R (AU) (2018-2019)
KX 100 (1998-2021)
KX 125 (1998-2005)
KX 250 (1998-2023)
KX 250F (2004-2022)
KX 450F (2006-2022)
KX 65 (2000-2023)
KX 80 (1998-2000)
KX 85 (2001-2022)
KX112 (2022-2022)
KX250X (2021-2022)
KX450SR (2022-2022)
KX450X (2021-2022)
KX85 Big Wheel (2001-2018)


Model RM 100 (2003-2003)
RM 65 (2003-2005)
RMZ 250 (2004-2006)