Front Wheel Bearing Kits for: Kawasaki, Suzuki for exact fitment check description. [FWK-K-031]


Factory-Links bearings are packed with a heavy duty premium marine grease andan addition of a special complex thickeners which allows it to be virtually waterproof. It provides unsurpassed rust and corrosion protection.

Ball Bearing

Also to keep any moisture out, we have gone from 30% grease filling to a 60% for harsh conditions.

Our Factory-Links ball bearings are specially developed for an Off-Road use, unlikeIndustrial 2RS type ball bearings offer low torque resistance and hence weak resistance to water intrusion.


Our advanced premium off-road wheel bearing kit contains all elements required for a full service of your wheel hub. Ouroil seals and ballbearings have established a categorical improvement over conventional bearings. Factory-Links ball bearing features a dedicated off-road designdust seals that offers the ultimate protection against the intrusion of contaminants such as water, mud and dust.

Technical details


Ball Bearing cut viewDINP6 - ABEC3 Ball bearings with specially designed Factory-Links seals for Off-Road use.


Ball Bearing cut viewNitrile Butadiene Rubber Double-lip oil seals ; prevent abrasives, corrosive moisture and other harmful contaminants from entering bearings.


Kit Type - Fitment

Front Wheel Bearing Kits



Model KLX 140 (2008-2020)
KLX 140 R (2021-2023)
KX 100 (1998-2021)
KX 112 (2022-2024)
KX 65 (2000-2023)
KX 80 (1998-2000)
KX 85 17/14 (2001-2024)
KX 85 II 19/16 (2007-2024)
RM 100 (2003-2003)