Fork Seals kits

Fork Seals kits

Factory-Links has selected a set of specific material compounds dedicated to the demanding operational conditions of forks. They provide unique characteristics of resistance to abrasion, to high temperatures, and to aggressive complex lubricants used in modern forks.Fork

The reciprocating action of the fork tube against the seal subjects it to a high degree of abrasion and this is aggravated by the heat generated by the hydraulic displacement and friction of the components within the fork. This mechanical wear and tear leads to shorten the life of rubbers.

Our rubber experts have accumulated years of experience in the rubber industry, and spent countless hours researching better material compounds fitting fork seals stringent requirements.

Factory-Links patented NBR elastomer has established a categorical improvement over conventional NBR.

Although costing almost twice, Factory-Links manufacturing process employed to mold our oil seals enables us to offer oil seals at a highly competitive pricing. Therefore, our customers benefit a high quality product, as well as satisfying the most demanding riding requirements.