Steering Stem Bearing Kits for: RIEJU for exact fitment check description. [SSK-R-001]


Our premium kits contain all elements required for a full OEM quality service of your steering stem. Our dedicated off-road design of tapered bearings and dust eals are specifically manufactured in order to reach the stringent OEM quality requirements, in terms of materials, dimension tolerances, hardness and surface roughness.

Our kits will bring your bike steering stem back to its former condition as defined by manufacturers.

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OEM quality replacement kit for steering stem, contains all replacement parts for a complete rebuilt.

Technical details


1Factory-Links tapered bearings are grinded to an accurate angle in order to assure smooth operation and sustain high impact-shock.


SealDust seals are made of Nitrile Butadiene Rubber and strictly molded to exact OEM specifications. They prevent abrasives, corrosive moisture and other harmful contaminants from entering bearings.Designed to match each type of tapered bearing and steering column to assure the best containment of the dust and water.


Kit / Fitment

Steering Stem Bearing Kits



Model CENTURY (2018-2023)
MRT 50 ENDURO (2009-2024)
MRT 50 ENDURO (2009-2024)
MRT 50 SM (2016-2024)
MRT 50 SM (2016-2024)
MRT 50 SM (2021-2024)
MRX 50 ENDURO (2001-2003)
MRX 50 ENDURO PRO (2004-2008)
RS1 50 (1998-2001)
RS2 50 (2004-2006)
SMX 50 (2001-2005)
SMX 50 (2004-2007)
SMX 50 (2006-2008)
SPIKE 50 (1998-2003)
SPIKE 50 (2004-2006)
TANGO 125 (2006-2018)
TANGO 125I (2019-2023)
TANGO 125I SCRAMBLER (2020-2023)
TANGO 250 (2009-2012)
TANGO 50 (2001-2005)
TANGO 50 MOTARD (2001-2005)